Where does The Sticker come from?
My name is Jessie Fortin, mother of two young children, graphic designer and early childhood educator.

I am very creative by nature and when I had my first boy, I wanted to have a "Baby on Board" sticker that I could make myself. So I asked my husband and father of our children, who is a graphic designer, to work with me to bring my project to life.

In my work as an educator, it is common to experience, with little children, the loss of objects on a daily basis. As we all know, they are learning how to dress themselves and this greatly increases the risk of losing unidentified items. Eighty children in the same cloakroom, that's a lot of little gloves to account for! So how can you always find everything and give it back to the right owner if half the items are unidentified? Of course, there are many companies that make stickers, but our creativity got the better of us and we came up with the idea of starting our Company, called The Sticker.

With Guillaume, the "Baby on Board" sticker was born as well as a wide selection of creative identification labels and quality stickers that will fill many aspects of your everyday life.

Thank you for trusting us!